Our teams write articles for the blog covering events, technologies, problems etc that they encounter working here at cap hpi. 

SQL Bits 2019 - Plan Caching in SQL Server

By Daniel Stead
Last updated: 02.05.2019
SQL SQL Bits SQL Server SQL Performance

Inspired by knowledge learned at SQL Bits 2019, a look at some of the mechanisms used by SQL Server to reduce the memory footprint used by cached query plans.

Schrödinger's Database

By Alan McConnell
Last updated: 11.04.2019
SQL SQL Bits SQL Performance Schrödinger's Cat

At the end of February 2019, a number of cap hpi database engineers headed over to Manchester to the SQL Bits conference. Here's a look at some of the pearls of wisdom they gleaned, focusing on some of the latest thinking around Performance Tuning in SQL.

Interesting Times at cap hpi

By Mike Speight
Last updated: 15.02.2019

cap hpi are in the process of going through an agile transformation. Here's a quick update on what's happened so far and where we're heading next.

Leeds Testing Atelier October 2018

By Daniel Matthewman and Chris Spence
Last updated: 14.11.2018
Testing Testing Atelier

On October 9th 2018, testers from cap hpi attended the 7th ever Leeds testing Atelier. This is what their experience entailed.

Apprentices 6 months in at cap hpi - see what happened next...

By Alex Maughan, Holly Anusic, Wesley Spellman, Zahid Rahman
Last updated: 01.11.2018
cap hpi apprentice scheme Development programming

Our software development apprentices reflect on their experience six months into their apprenticeship scheme at cap hpi

API Integration Testing with ASP.NET Core

By Chris Bowes - Code Monkeys
Last updated: 14.09.2018
c# Integration Testing ASP.NET Core Microservices

Going a step further than unit tests - full integration tests of all the components and dependencies of an ASP.NET Core service project.

NDC Oslo: A Kick in the Monads

By Ste, Antony and Mike
Last updated: 06.07.2018
.NET CSS HTML C# SQL Angular TDD NoSQL JavaScript Agile

In June 2018 cap hpi developers travelled to Norway to attend the Norwegian Developer Conference (NDC) in Oslo.

Reduce Boilerplate Code with New Text Functions in SQL Server 2017

By Daniel Stead - BI Team
Last updated: 20.06.2018
SQL SQL Server

Some great new functions introduced in SQL Server 2017 to make life working with text easier

Signaller to Software Tester

By Ryan Sanders - Border Contol
Last updated: 01.06.2018
Helpdesk Junior Tester Tester

An insight into my journey at cap hpi

Apprentice Blog Post

By Alex Maughan, Wesley Spellman, Zahid Rahman and Holly Anusic
Last updated: 30.04.2018
cap hpi apprentice scheme

cap hpi has recently taken on four new software development apprentices, working in the Product Development department. The apprentices will be working on-site at cap hpi, while undergoing classroom training at Estio. This is how they have found their first few weeks.

Working in Technology at cap hpi

By Product Development
Last updated: 26.04.2018
SQL C# .NET Java cap hpi Development

What is life like in cap hpi's Product Development department?

Willkommen, Benvenuto, Bienvenue! - i18n and Internationalisation

By Danger Mice
Last updated: 16.03.2018
i18n Angular Internationalisation

How to providei18n Internationalisation in Angular

From Games to Business

By Code Monkeys - Mark Kirkby
Last updated: 05.12.2017
games business programming languages

So what happens when you’ve been a games programmer for 30 years and finally decide that the late nights, long hours and endless pressure are not worth it anymore? What happens when the passion of creating a product that’s fun for people to play is overtaken by a need to have a life but the passion for programming still remains? Such is the lifecycle and the dilemma of many programmers in the games industry.

Appropriate Development Testing – An Introduction

By CodeMonkeys - Faheem Vance
Last updated: 05.12.2017
Testing unit acceptance TDD integration

An investigation into the appropriateness of development testing based on application needs

Multithreaded testing with soapUI

By Michael Young - Snack Overflow
Last updated: 19.09.2017
soapUI SOAP Web Services Groovy load testing

For many years soapUI has been the go to tool for testing Web Services. This article describes one way to feed data into multiple threads from a single file.

Power BI – A developer’s perspective

By Richard Sharpe - BI Team
Last updated: 19.09.2017
Power BI

Power BI - How did a BI developer first find using the product?

Unit Testing – What benefits you can reap?

By Snack Overflow
Last updated: 24.07.2017
Unit Tests

You have probably heard about unit testing... but what benefits can unit testing offer and what troubles can developers avoid later in a product's lifecycle?

Creating new Team Build database build definitions

By Team.doom
Last updated: 24.07.2017
VSTS Team Build XAML

Team Build is a new tool that allows users to develop, manage and automatically deploy configured builds. This article explains how to use them and what to do to create a new build definition.

SDD Conference 2017

By Adrian & Antony
Last updated: 13.07.2017
C# .NET Microservices SDDConf

The SDD (Software Design & Development) Conference is an annual conference held in London...

Accessing Raw SOAP Messages from C#

By Trailblazers Team
Last updated: 12.07.2017
C# SOAP Web Services

When working with SOAP web service references in .Net, by default the actual request and response messages are not available to the developer. At times it is useful to be able to access these messages.

Background Processing in .NET with Hangfire

By Bourbons
Last updated: 12.07.2017
.NET Hangfire Libraries

Implementing background processes can be a time consuming task if you require the ability to manage and monitor them. In this post we look at Hangfire.

Dependent on SQL

By Shaun Wright
Last updated: 12.07.2017
SQL c#

An alternative to pestering your databases

You've never had it so good

By Martyn Daly - Jurassic Park
Last updated: 12.07.2017
mainframe debugging

Debugging the 'old school' way

Comparing Angular to React

By Dangermice
Last updated: 16.05.2017
angular react

Choosing a front-end JavaScript framework is tough. There are plenty of frameworks to choose from, so we've picked two popular ones and compared them by providing like-for-like code samples.

Migrating from on premise TFS to Visual Studio Team Services

By Trailblazers
Last updated: 16.05.2017
TFS VSTS Migration Microsoft Agile Scrum Azure AD Source Code Build Definition

Visual Studio Team Services is Microsoft's free ALM platform in the cloud. In this post you'll learn about our experience of migrating from on premise TFS to the new and shiny VSTS.

Changing Lanes - Mobile Development Deployment - Android

By Snack Overflow
Last updated: 16.05.2017
mobile android CI CD Jenkins Fastlane

Automating our Android mobile application builds by adopting CI and moving from a developer SPOF to a full automated build and deployment cycle to the Google Play store

JSON for the SQL Server Developer

By Team BI
Last updated: 16.05.2017

With the launch of SQL Server 2016 Microsoft added support for JSON data. In this article we take a quick look at what JSON is, how you can consume and manipulate JSON data using T-SQL and some of the things you need to be aware of when working with JSON data in SQL Server.

Arrow Functions – Taking JavaScript in the Right Direction

By snack overflow
Last updated: 11.05.2017
JavaScript ES6

ES6 brings with it a range of new features and syntactic sugar that have been widely discussed and lauded, but none more so than arrow functions. What are they and why are they so well received?

Fixing Column Headers Using Angular

By Bourbons Team
Last updated: 11.05.2017
javascript CSS Angular

Find out how we've fixed table columns and headers to increase table readability, using an Angular directive.

API Input Validation

By Bourbons
Last updated: 18.04.2017
C# API Validation Data Annotation Fluent Validation

Read about our experiences with using two types of API validation for C# - Data Annotations and Fluent Validation.

The web is broken, but we can fix it

By Dangermice
Last updated: 18.04.2017
progressive enhancement accessibility html

Dodgy networks and devices with only basic functionality can be frustrating for web developers. What if there was a way to build systems so that they were inherently robust and usable, but still take advantage of all the fancy modern bells-and-whistles where available? There is: it's called Progressive Enhancement.

From Books to Bytes

By CodeMonkeys
Last updated: 22.03.2017
Black Book iOS iPhone Xamarin Android Mobile

The development of a Mobile application to replace the printed book for valuations

The life of Testers

By Border Control
Last updated: 22.02.2017
Agile Testing Requirements Projects Automation Developers

In this article, we would like to take the opportunity to explain the challenges Testers face on a regular basis in our job. Often Testers get forgotten about or feel left out of the whole Agile process (I expect violins out at this point). So here is a view through the eyes of a Tester...

To blog or not to blog

By cap hpi
Last updated: 22.02.2017

Why cap hpi has decided to enter the world of the technical web log…


By BI Team
Last updated: 09.02.2017
SQL Power BI SQL Bits

SQL Bits is a yearly conference for those who work on the information side of IT. It is usually held at a different venue each year and spans several days.

Mainframes Dinosaurs and Pickup Trucks

By Graham Atherton
Last updated: 18.10.2016
migration legacy systems

'If it ain't broke then don't fix it' a well known phrase first used by one of Jimmy Carter's presidential advisers back in 1977. In many areas of life this may be sound advice but in the fast moving world of IT, to follow this advice maybe the first steps to failure.