Come work with us at cap hpi, we have cookies!

By Mike Speight
Last updated: 06.08.2019
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So - we’re undergoing an agile transformation with the aim of consolidating cap hpi’s UK market leading comprehensive automotive data provision.  Backed by our parent company Solera, a global car data specialist operating across 6 continents and over 75 countries, the business is reorganising into agile tribes, focused around end to end processes within specific business areas.  It’s a reasonably fast paced and delivery focused environment, but looking to be enjoyable and always seeking to find ways to improve our processes, people and environment.


The reorganisation has created a range of roles in Product Development that we’re now looking to fill.  We will consider people at all stages of their careers, and welcome applications from those returning from a career break.


Our Offices

Our Offices






“As an apprentice, cap hpi has been a great place to kick off my career as a software engineer. Across the company there are many opportunities to progress and expand your skills.” Wes - Apprentice Software Engineer, April 2019.

cap hpi Needs You!

Does this sound like the kind of organisation you might be interested in joining?  We want to hear from enthusiastic, proactive and committed professionals, keen on furthering their career in a supportive and nurturing working environment.  We’re fortunate to work in an organisation with a genuine desire to retrospect and improve and make things better for customers, employees and other stakeholders alike.  I’ll go into a little more detail about software engineering at cap hpi, see if sounds like it might be a good fit for you.


What do we work with?

We are always focused on using the best technologies, tools and/or processes for the job.  Inevitably, we do have some legacy – anyone remember Delphi? – but whenever we’re embarking on a new/upgraded solution we’ll look to use the optimum technology for the job.


A flavour of the technology stack that we have, at the time of writing (April 2019), includes:

.NET (up to .NET Core 2.2)

SQL Server: SSIS, SSAS, T-SQL (up to 2017)




Angular (latest)

Micro service architecture

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Mainframe, ADABAS


“One of the cap hpi’s biggest selling points is its use of the latest tech (.NET CORE / Angular) - big upsell as not many companies that I know have already embraced those technologies, they are usually still deep in MVC / jQuery / AngularJS” - Tausif - Software Engineer, January 2018

Keeping our technology radar up to date allows us to understand exactly what we’re using and why.  We regularly hold tech talks for our engineers to share areas of interest.  These are optional… but there’s free pizza in it for those who wish to partake.








“If something isn’t working we are empowered to change it.” - Stephen - Software Engineer, March 2019

One of our kitchens

Each floor has a kitchen and breakout area

Where are we?

Headquarters for cap hpi is right in the heart of Leeds city centre.  We only use outsourcing to supplement capacity when needed, we prefer to keep all our in-house capability sat in our offices just across the road from Leeds train station. 


Unlike those joyless crinkly tin shed offices out on the ring road, there's plenty of choice in how to spend your lunch hour at cap hpi.  For shopaholics, Trinity Leeds is about 2 minutes walk from the front door.  Gastronomes can enjoy a different cuisine every day of the week in one of the many great bars and restaurants in the area, some of which offer employees up to 20% off, just for working for cap hpi.  If Primani or 'Spoons isn't for you, there's opportunities for culture vultures to enjoy the Leeds Art Gallery or Leeds City Museum both just a 5 minute walk away.

Our office building

Aesthetically challenged building - great location!

Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery is just round the corner


"One of the best things about working at cap hpi is that the office is in the City Centre." - Chris - Senior Software Engineer, March 2019.



Full address: Capitol House, Bond Court, Leeds, LS1 5EZ.

So, about these cookies?

We’re a pretty social bunch – there’s always something to celebrate – a birthday, a successful release or even just Tuesday; think it’s fair to say that whilst in the office you’re never more than 3 metres away from a cookie.  To go with the cookies, we benefit from free tea and coffee (that don’t come from a vending machine) and a weekly fruit basket. If fruit isn’t your thing we also do a weekly pie order from a local butcher… who needs quinoa when you can get a Chicken Balti pie delivered to your desk still hot from the oven?

A Steak Pie

A steak pie, yesterday


The tribes are set over three floors of our open plan offices.  Whiteboards and standup areas throughout, with provided breakout spaces for collaborative chats and meeting rooms when there’s a need to close the door. The desks for our engineers come with dual 34” widescreen monitors as standard with solid state drives in their PCs to ensure the kit is the enabler, not the blocker.


For times when we need a break we have table football, a pool table and an arcade machine in the office – and using them is encouraged. Getting away from the desk for a short time can be just what’s needed to help re-focus.

Dual 34" monitors

Dual 34" monitors

Table football

One of our table football tables

You mention ‘social’?

We recognise that you will likely spend more of your waking time at work than anywhere else, so we want to encourage a friendly and social environment for us all to work in, we want our people to enjoy some social interaction with their colleagues and peers, and as well as any trips out that the squads might plan locally, we have regular company-funded events.


Monthly Social (or ‘Beer & Crisps’)

The 2nd Friday of each month provides the chance for all of us in the Leeds office to come together for an in-office social.  There’s often a quick company update, charity raffle or similar but then we have time to mingle with our friends from other tribes and squads within the business. Drinks and snacks are provided (not limited to only beer and crisps) from 4 o’clock onward, and often continues into the evening around some of our many favourite city centre bars and pubs.


Quarterly ‘Green Green’ events

If cap hpi meets two of its key financial targets we’re seen as ‘Green Green’ – i.e. green/on target for revenue and profit. For every quarter we achieve this we’re awarded a half day departmental event away from the office.  Past Product Development afternoons have included: lock in/escape rooms, a Leeds treasure hunt, golf simulators, bowling/beer pong, a pub quiz and meals out.


We play pool, table football and there is an arcade machine too

We play pool, table football and the arcade machine





"It’s better than the last place I worked." – Steve - Software Engineer, April 2019.


“cap hpi is a great place to work, as there’s a guy there called Mike who I only hope I can be like one day. He’s a legend.” - Chris - Solutions Architect, March 2019.


"It’s the first place I’ve ever worked where someone has been chastised for discussing Ulysses too loudly." - Ste - Software Engineer, April 2019.

Company parties

Every year cap hpi hosts both a summer and winter party.  Starting at lunchtime, with food provided, it’s a company-wide thank you for everyone’s contribution.

But what about my work / life balance?

As much as anyone may love their work, we need down time as well.  At cap hpi we get the following as standard;


-          37.5hr week

-          Flexible on start/end times

-          25 – 30  days annual leave per year (dependent on length of service), plus public holidays then the option to buy five more days.


There’s also the understanding that sometimes unplanned things just happen and we all need a little help from time to time.  It’s give and take.




“In three and a half years, I can genuinely say I've never dreaded having to come to work at cap hpi.” - Mike - Engineering Chapter Lead, April 2019


“You want me to write code AND think of witty and amusing soundbites about the company, WT...?” - Damo - Senior Java Engineer, April 2019


“Mine's a pint of lager.” - Ryan - Senior QA Engineer, April 2019

Breakout area

There are plenty of less formal spaces in the office

So, how about it?

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved but need it to go further. To continuously learn and improve. If you’d like to join our organisation please look at our current vacancies or, if you’d like a chat to find out more, feel free to drop us a line. Whatever stage of your technology career you’re at, we’d love to hear from you…


 Find out more about our company on the main website.


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