To blog or not to blog

By cap hpi
Last updated: 22.02.2017

Tech at cap hpi

We like technology.  There, we said it. 

Not only do we like it, we're quite good at using it.  At the right place, at the right time the use of technology can take an average service offering and transform it into a premium proposition. 


We're not bleeding edge, let's let someone else make those mistakes and we'll come along and benefit from them shortly after, but we are cutting edge.  Have the right tools for the job and the rest is easy.  We continually review our technology usage; updating our tech radar, through monitoring our competitors, reviewing IT best practices, learning from our internal team members and assessing what's going on in the IT industry. 



Our business

Along with the HPI Check, one of cap hpi's most well-known offerings is its Black Book product.  The place to look for used car valuations.  As times moved on this service came online, with the sister publications for motorcycles (green book) and light commercial vehicles & heavy good vehicles (red book) moving with it.  The paper-based versions were still available though.  That is until now.  2017 sees the end to the physical book with the last print run taking place in February.




It's an end of an era with the printed products but we've been ahead of the game with regards to technology for some time.  What better time than to share it? 


Whether it's how we found the move of Team Foundation Server to the cloud, comparing the relative merits of SQL Server 2016 against its predecessors or, adding the human factor, of how people find working in software development or reviews of technical conferences and events. We'll let you know what we think.



In summary...

Whilst cap hpi is the leader in the automotive field, it's underpinned by its forward-looking use of technology. Technology is at the heart of everything here at cap hpi. We need to be successfully using the best tools, tech and processes for the job to allow us to give our customers data that they can trust.


We may be in the automotive industry… but we're driven (see what we did there?) by our tech.