Apprentice Blog Post #1

By Alex Maughan, Wesley Spellman, Zahid Rahman and Holly Anusic
Last updated: 30.04.2018
cap hpi apprentice scheme

cap hpi has recently taken on four new software development apprentices, working in the Product Development department. The apprentices will be working on-site at cap hpi, while undergoing classroom training with our apprenticeship partner, Estio Training. This is how they have found their first few weeks...


cap hpi apprentices - month one update

We've come from a variety of backgrounds. From previously working in the motor trade, being self-employed, to starting our first ever job here with cap hpi. We're loving the opportunity to work with professionals at the pinnacle of the automotive data industry. It is a pleasure to be part of this thriving community of experts, and we eagerly anticipate the coming experience and knowledge that we'll gain from being an apprentice at cap hpi.


Before cap hpi I worked in the motor trade for four years, so I knew cap hpi and the work it did as we used their services everyday. I started coding when I left my last job, before then I had done some coding but never had the time to fully commit to learning it properly. Now that I had the time to learn I made the decision that I was done with sales and that I was going to pursue a career in a subject that genuinely interested me. Since starting here, I have been working alongside experienced developers in the DangerMice team and have been set the task of developing an admin user creation tool for internal use using C# and .NET - which is proving to be a challenge but with the assistance of the team is almost complete!” - Alex


As Alex mentioned we work in teams. We're split across five teams, on a three month rotation. We are looking forward to our first team change as it allows us the opportunity to find out about the kind of work that each team does, how that fits into the business as a whole, and, of course, get to know everyone in that team and the department better. This team rotation is helping us get a more holistic view of the life of a software developer at cap hpi. 


I really enjoy working at cap hpi. Previously I had my own business and was self-employed. Before starting this job I completed a level 3 Web Development and Design course and have three websites currently live. Coming into full time work has given me more reassurance and stability. I cannot wait to carry on progressing at cap hpi. I think the three month rotation is a really good idea. My first team is called Snack Overflow. I am learning languages such as Angular and JavaScript to develop apps.  I have also started my own HTML email project for the company which will then be sent out to clients. I am contributing towards unit testing on my team’s Fair Deal mobile application.” - Holly


While working in our assigned teams we each contribute to our daily Scrum meetings. Our Scrum teams consist of many skilled developers that have a wealth of knowledge in their specific area of expertise. We have found that joining a scrum team has helped us better settle in at cap hpi.  Joining the teams has been a helpful and interesting insight into the day-to-day tasks carried out by the more experienced members on our teams, while working on PBIs (product backlog items) with our assigned team buddies.


Having just left education and starting my first full time job, I was uncertain of how life would be in a business environment. I was soon put at ease, and have found myself in a professional, but welcoming environment. At cap hpi, I feel supported and encouraged to develop my career (and software). Currently I am enjoying working on a data processing system using JSON, as well as learning Angular web development. I have been exploring the nuances of software development in the context of industry, as opposed to development done for oneself. This has included collaborating on TFS (Team Foundation Server), which involves approving and adjusting code as a group.” - Wes


This is the first time cap hpi has opted into an apprenticeship scheme and has partnered with, the nationally renowned IT and digital training provider, Estio Training. Estio is responsible for our off-site training, providing a structured training scheme leading to a recognised software development qualification. Collectively we agree that the combination of a highly professional setting at cap hpi, as well as the teaching excellence from Estio, is creating an ideal environment to thrive as budding software developers.


Since joining cap hpi I have gained a wealth of experience in the software development sector. Before starting here I was a web developer at an agency. When I saw the job application for the software development apprenticeship I had to go for it, as software development is where my real passion is. I have since started developing Angular web apps with help from my assigned buddy. I have also managed to integrate API calls to a cap hpi database to pull data into my application using TypeScript. So far I've completed a few PBI’S (product backlog items) on the Valuation Anywhere product, a service for our customers, which has really helped me to integrate into my Scrum team. I find off-site training very useful as it teaches me the basics of software development where we can then apply what we have learned to the on-site training in the workplace.” - Zahid


cap hpi is keen to integrate us into their company by sharing their experience and knowledge in the form of overview sessions. Senior members of staff give regular interactive lectures on a range of topics about the company, and software development in general, providing us with a comprehensive perspective of how the cap hpi machine turns; as well as the context of our role in the company.

Determined to see us develop in the company, part of our continuous development are regular one-to-one and group sessions with our line manager and team leaders - to help support and assist us on our course. This two way exchange of feedback helps both apprentices and senior staff, as it allows the apprentices to settle in easier and it provides suggestions for how to manage future apprenticeship schemes at cap hpi.